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Mindfulness and Motorcycling

There’s nothing like driving the open road with your engine roaring and wind blowing while viewing the amazing scenery as you accelerate your motorcycle. I heard that the rush that you get while on the motorcycle is very fulfilling and you rev the engine and the machine takes off. How is it that a motorcycle that looks so dangerous to me can also take you to a place of blissfulness. Many motorcycle riders keep on coming back to a place of pure enjoyment. With a sense of heightened awareness of the present moment, you can release all your attachment and surrender yourself to things that you cannot control. Mindful meditation is the act of noticing your thoughts, your body, your mind and your breath. Have you ever notice how you feel after someone gets you angry. ┬áDid you ever stop, think and choose? Or did you just release the anger that you felt.

Riding motorcycle can be very dangerous and as a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, I come to realize that mindfulness and riding a motorcycle are similar to each other. In our everyday life, we are feel anxious due to the fear that attached to us. We do not perform well at work, nor is our thinking clear, and we are not happy with ourselves. Rather, we become insecure, guarded or obsessed with our day-to-day issues that are smaller than the attention we feed them. We constantly judge ourselves and worry obsessively about often results in nothing. There is an alternative solution for  the way how we think.

Stop, Take a breath, Be Mindful..

Wait, what does that mean? We are so much involved in the day-to-day activities going through each moment and not recognizing the beauty of observing each moment. Paying attention to the amount of control that you have over your thoughts rather than focusing on the endless blow up your anxiety. Let go of thoughts that do you no justice but rob you of joy and happiness. Return your attention to your breath; inhale peace and exhale frustration. Feel the sensation of your breathing while placing your hands on your belly. Your mind may wander with a bunch of worrisome thoughts that tumbles around your head. But, the good things is it will stop …so take a deep breath, notice how your body feels and be mindful.

I didn’t say that it was easy to be stop, take a breath and be mindful. It takes a lot of practice and patience to learn how to get a hold of your mind wandering with anxious thoughts and feelings which will return. But you have a choose to choose what you will do with those thoughts, paying attention to what is going on around you rather than what is going on in your head. When we judge ourselves, we only substitute one anxious frame of thought with another. The brain learns nothing new.

When we practice mindfulness, we change the way how our brain interacts. Whenever you are riding a motorcycle, holding on to these fears can get you killed. The brain goes into panic and the body overreact. The solution to this is to stop the mental process, and take a deep breath. Be mindful. Check in with yourselves and remember that you are alive, breathing at this very moment and that you are okay.

Whenever you are riding, pay attention. Listen, notice your thoughts. Are they serving you? Do they reflect your reality? Take the opportunity to change your anxious autopilot and into mindful being. It takes a lot of repetition to let go and take the responsibility for your thoughts right now, in this present moment. Stop, Breathe Be mindful.